Ready to bake mixes

Premium Protein Mixes for Effortless Baking

Elevate your baking with Salve Global’s ready-to-use protein blends – the perfect solution for delicious and nutritious treats tailored to your dietary preferences.

Ready to bake mixes

Salve Global utilizes top-tier ingredients that align with your specific nutritional requirements when producing your private-label baking mix. For those who prefer to bypass the recipe development process and choose our pre-formulated options, we provide:

All-natural and nutritionally rich ingredients

The finest, ready-to-use protein blends

An optimal mixing experience

Our diverse range of protein powder blends encompasses an array of protein-infused baking options, including cookie mixes, high-protein cake mixes, brownie and fudge brownie mixes, muffin mixes, pancake mixes, and waffle mixes. Additionally, we craft mixes tailored to various dietary preferences, such as keto-friendly, vegan, paleo, plant-based, and more.

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