Co-Packing &
Co-Manufacturing Solutions: Bars, Filled Balls, and More

Efficient and scalable co-packing solutions for bars, filled balls, and more, perfect for businesses of all sizes

We provide a comprehensive turnkey solution for co-packing and co-manufacturing bars, filled balls, bite size products, cookies and granolas. Our team of experts collaborates closely with your team throughout the entire process, from product development to commercialization, ensuring that every product meets industry standards and is ready for the market.

Optimizing Production: From Market Testing to Large-Scale Manufacturing

Recognizing the importance of market testing for new products, we offer a sample production in our laboratory, featuring just 300 bars packaged in neutral foil and bulk carton boxes. It’s important to note that the per-bar costs for this smaller production scale are typically higher compared to mass-produced bars.

Through the integration of cutting-edge technology and extensive industry experience, we ensure efficient production, catering to orders of any size. While our high production capacity enables clients to sell millions of products annually, we also take pride in supporting businesses at their early stages, offering minimal order quantities to facilitate growth from the ground up.

From Concept to Market: Partner with Us for Success!