The best type of healthy snack bar for your brand depends on your target audience and brand identity. If your audience is fitness-oriented, consider protein bars. For those seeking natural ingredients and wholesome goodness, fruit and nut bars could be a good fit. If you want to cater to a broader health-conscious market, a balanced nut and seed bar might be ideal. Carefully align your choice with your brand’s values and the preferences of your target consumers. If you would like, we can explore the answer to this question together with an insightful interview.

The pricing of our products is contingent on factors such as the specific product, the ingredients used, and the quantity ordered. We are committed to providing competitive pricing for our premium-quality offerings. For inquiries regarding pricing options, feel free to reach out to us, at info@salveglobal.com. We look forward to discussing the pricing details tailored to your specific needs.

The minimum order quantities (MOQs) for our products are contingent on the specific product type and the quantity you wish to order. For single-process raw bars, protein bars, the MOQs usually commence at 5,000 servings, equivalent to approximately 420 boxes of 12 bars each and 35 parcels of 12 boxes each. That means less than half euro pallet. Filled balls and bite size  products, this figure drops to 2.000 packaging. MOQs are smaller for granola and cookies. We encourage you to get in touch with us to tailor the discussion to your unique requirements and determine the specific MOQs necessary for your concept. We can also support you with smaller quantities in order to smoothly overcome the process of meeting the products with the final consumers, but only in the first production.

We help you to find the right clauses you want to write on your packaging for your brand, your target audience and we help you with the necessary procedures to write these clauses. We can bring you together with certification bodies or we can manage the entire process ourselves.

Absolutely Yes !

The decision to incorporate vegan products into your brand depends on various factors, including your target audience, brand values, and market trends. Here are some considerations to help you decide:

Pros of Offering Vegan Products:

Ethical and Sustainable Image: Offering vegan products can enhance your brand’s image by promoting ethical and sustainable practices.

Broad Appeal: Vegan products appeal to a wide audience, including vegans, vegetarians, and individuals looking for plant-based options.

Health Consciousness: Many consumers associate vegan products with health and environmental benefits.