Comprehensive Certifications at Salve Global: Elevating Food Safety and Quality

Salve Global specializes in IFS, Vegan, BIO, Kosher, and Gluten-Free certifications, guaranteeing top-tier food safety and quality.


The IFS (International Featured Standard) certification (GFSI recognised standart) consist of eight current standards that assist individuals in adhering to legal requirements related to food and/or product safety and quality matters. Obtaining an IFS certification indicates that the certified company has implemented a system conducive to ensuring food and/or product safety while taking into account and incorporating customer specifications. This certification is available to a wide range of entities, including food manufacturers, brokers, logistics providers, manufacturers of household and hygiene products, as well as wholesalers and retailers.


As plant-based diets gain popularity, the annual demand for vegan snacks is on the rise. It’s becoming increasingly common for our friends or family members to adopt plant-forward eating habits, such as vegan or vegetarian choices. To address the concerns of consumers seeking vegan products, a formal label claim logo serves as a reassuring factor. At Salve Global, in collaboration with the Vegan Association, we take pride in offering this assurance to our clients.


Our facility, accredited with BIO Certification, enables clients choosing to produce organic protein bars with us to showcase the BIO certification seal on their bar packaging. To attain BIO Certification, Salve Global undergoes periodic audits, showcasing adherence to essential criteria for all organic ingredients:

Exclusion of synthetic chemical inputs

Avoidance of GMOs

Utilization of farmland free from prohibited chemical inputs

Strict maintenance of physical separation between organic and non-certified products

Regular on-site inspections as part of the certification process.


Since all of the inputs of our facility are Kosher compliant, our facility is ready for Kosher. If our customers request, we are ready to co-operate and do the necessary work to put Kosher certificate on their packaging.


In our facility, a separate production planning is made for all gluten-free products within the scope of our IFS Certificate, and both products and samples taken from the facility are regularly sent for analysis. And it is not only limited to gluten-free inputs, but also the absence of gluten in the final products is documented by laboratory analyses.

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